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Pharmacy Program

The SinguLab® Pharmacy Program leverages the industry’s leading pharmacogenomic panel to help differentiate your pharmacy offering while adding value to your business.

Improve facility and resident care 

Provide a personalized medication management program to ensure your entire resident base is continuously monitored for potential drug-to-gene interactions. Deliver actionable genomic-based medication risk management reporting, ensuring the prescription of safer and more effective medications. Your pharmacy can positively affect the overall quality of care a resident receives by reducing falls, improving antipsychotic use, and decreasing hospital admission rates due to adverse drug events (ADEs).

Differentiate your business 

Expand your services by enhancing yourmedication management program with the SinguLab Pharmacy Program. Attract new business, retain your current customers, and improve the efficiency of your medication review.

Easy to start

The SinguLab Pharmacy Program integrates within your current pharmacy management software system as well as your facility’s EHR system, resulting in a smooth adoption.  

SinguLab Pharmacy Program

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