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SinguLab® LTC Partner Program –
Your one-stop laboratory partner

Your expert resource to handle all your lab testing needs

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The SinguLab LTC Partner Program offers an innovative combination of one-stop logistics, software, and diagnostic services to improve staff efficiency and help facilities better control costs. SinguLab also eliminates the complexity of managing multiple labs by providing a central support resource alleviating frustration and negative impact on care.

SinguLab® LTC Partner Program





Key Benefits of the SinguLab® LTC Partner Program


  • Operational
    • On-site collection services with trained/certified staff members for recurring and STAT collection needs
    • Seamless integration with EHR and pharmacy systems for all testing, results, and medication management activities
  • Clinical
    • Robust lab portal supports all testing, results, and full medication management program activities
  • Financial
    • Delivering savings of an FTE

Clients love the SinguLab® LTC Partner Program

“The SinguLab Staff has stepped up every time we have needed them to.” – Midwest SinguLab Client

This multi-facility long term care client in the Midwest previously struggled to coordinate its diagnostic partners. SinguLab had an immediate impact on their facilities for two specific reasons:

  • Full and seamless integration with the organization’s clinical software solution.
  • 100% confidence in the dependability of the SinguLab team – proven reputation for efficiency and reliability that enables staff to enhance the quality of care to its residents.

SinguLab® LTC Partner Program

Designed with all facilities in mind, SinguLab supports all lab testing, collection operations, antibiotic stewardship, and medication management needs.

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SinguLab LTC Partner Program
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SinguLab Support: 832-995-0580