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Pharmacogenomics Testing:
A Tool for Deprescribing in Long-Term Care


Join Dr. Houda Hachad, SinguLab in partnership with the PharMerica Illuminate series for “Pharmacogenomics Testing: A Tool for Deprescribing in Long-Term Care.”

In this webinar, Dr. Hachad will discuss the utility of pharmacogenomics testing to guide efficacious deprescribing. She will discuss the benefits of testing for genetic variants that can help identify patients at risk for associated adverse drug events.

She will also present when and how a patient’s pharmacogenomic signatures can help mitigate these risks and support deprescribing decisions in a geriatric population for commonly used medication classes.

Join Dr. Hachad, SinguLab, and Pharmerica on Tuesday, December 12th at 1:00pm Eastern / Noon Central.

Learn more about the SinguLab pharmacogenomic solutions here.